26th July 2012

Present: Eddy, Denis and Simon


Snug Bar was closed so we where in the main bar.

Arch Linux – installing.
See: www.archlinux.org

Linux from Scratch – literally everything has to be installed from scratch. With Arch Linux you get a little more help.
See: www.linuxfromscratch.org

Checks and warnings when compiling software.

Raspberry Pi
– Very small circuit board, ARM processor, designed to introduce children to programming.
– Low cost (£25) – however they are being sold on Ebay for much higher prices.
– Can run HD video.
– Brand of chip – Broadcom – standard ARM architecture.
– Plenty of ARM compilers so could pretty much run anything.
– Debian and Arch distros available for it (there may also be a Ubuntu distro however it may not be an official release)
– See: www.raspberrypi.org

Ubuntu keep changing things around on their distro.

Ghostscript, CUPS and the mysteries of printing.

Dell PostScript printers and fonts.

Attracting more people to the LUG – ideas include Adrees’ BBQ and possibly organising another installfest/open day.

Meeting venues

AberLUG website

WINE (for running Windows applications on Linux)
– API conversion layer
– Pretty easy to get to grips with
– See: www.winehq.org

Microsoft/Linux/GNU – moving targets / bloatware?

System D
– What is it?
– Could combine init and other startup stuff.

– Ubuntu’s replacement for X.
– It could be that lots of people don’t like X but it works.
– X is extendible – client/server system
– Would Wayland be able to run X applications, or would everything have to be rewritten?
– X has a lot of support
– X very rarely crashes but apparently can be difficult to work with, for example on multiple monitors.
– See: wiki.ubuntu.com/Wayland

Xlib / GTK

Programming languages
– Shell scripts / C / Python / Scheme / Lisp
– Java debugging
– Java – similarities to C++
– Perl
– Delphi, FreePascal and Lazarus
– FreePascal similar to TurboPascal not standard Pascal
– Teaching programming with Pascal over C
– Lazarus is similar to Delphi – runs on different systems (while Delphi is Windows only – however years ago there was a version for Linux, Kylix)
– See: www.freepascal.org & lazarus.freepascal.org

Real time kernels

Oracle / databases
– Databases vs spreadsheets
– Transferring spreadsheets to databases/applications
– Microsoft Excel

People working at Microsoft

Functional and procedural languages
– What are the differences?
– Functional languages closer to mathematics.
– Nested procedures.

HTML e-mails