We have two meetings every month – our current meeting schedule is as follows:

7th of the month.

First Thursday after the 20th of the month.

Meetings usually start around 19:30 during the week, but mid-afternoon on the weekend – you can keep up to date on the mailing list.

The next scheduled meetings are:

  • Sunday 7th July 2019
  • Thursday 25th July 2019
  • Wednesday 7th August
  • Thursday 22nd August
  • Saturday 7th September
  • Thursday 26th September
  • Monday 7th October
  • Thursday 24th October
  • Thursday 7th November
  • Thursday 21st November
  • Saturday 7th December
  • Thursday 26th December (TBA – please check mailing list)
  • Tuesday 7th January 2020
  • Thursday 23rd January 2020

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are held in Ma Camerons in the Snug bar if it is available otherwise, look for the penguin!